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Experience the coherent communication with your clients and customers with Mobishastra WhatsApp chatbot feature

Mobishastra has always been bringing the easiest solution for you to do effective marketing through SMS. Once more we have managed to sustain that ability and presenting you WhatsApp chatbot feature for flawless and logical WhatsApp SMS marketing through WhatsApp chatbot.

Whatsapp chatbot is an incredibly enhanced feature for messaging to drive customers’ engagement through instant response and secure communication. Your business interacts With more than 1.6 billion users around the globe, it enables multiple features for exchanging messages.

Draw your customers attention

To get the attention of your customers for your business and services, show your appearance exactly where your customer's interest lies. Customers are most likely to be found online anytime on their WhatsApp account. You can hit the nerves of SMS marketing through WhatsApp chatbot service of Mobishstra

Mobishastra WhatsApp chatbot features
permits you to send

Whatsapp marketing for smarter and easier communication

It is quite common to create a WhatsApp business account in your mobile phones but the problem lies that how will you send a reply to all the customers. Mobishatra provides WhatsApp chatbot system for your WhatsApp business account that helps you to send as many SMSs you want to all your customers in no-time. You can also set an automated reply system, your customers will get an automatic response in your absence.

For WhatsApp marketing services, we connect the WhatsApp chatbot system to your whats app phone number associated with your business and services. All the business owners, SMEs, one-shop owners, and the other service providers who have a large number of customers to handle but finding difficulty to respond to all of them, Mobishastra is here to help you.