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Web panel acts as a platform via which you send SMS in bulk to thousands of customers in one go. It is a very user-friendly platform that can be used to send transactional as well as promotional SMS. It is a very simple and powerful tool that is used for sending SMS for various purposes like marketing, selling, promotions, advertisements, etc. The services that we provide you will improve your SMS campaign business and you will be able to bulk SMS in a very user-friendly manner.

Send Messages Using Web Panel
Ease Of Sending Messages Using Web Panel

Our Web SMS panel is designed to provide robust positive user experience possible, so we have added all the essential features on our dashboard. Everything is very easy, convenient, easy-to-access, efficient etc. Web panel is one of the most essential SMS tool. It is basically a web-based control panel which helps you to do several task manage clients, manage route.

Web SMS Panel provides you the most essential and feasible strategy to target the mass audience with a single click and you can join a large number of people simultaneously and increase the sales and business of your company. Web panel is a marketing tool that allows you to forward thousands of SMS from transactional to promotional SMS in a hassle-free manner. Web panel allows you to keep a track of your messages keeping in view the requirement of both the clients and the providers. It helps you to keep a record of all the transactions.


1. With the help of a web SMS panel you can keep a track of day to day SMS activity of the clients and it is very reliable.

2. It gives a powerful control over the providers also, as it gives you the facility of live monitoring of the reseller and your clients.


Web SMS panel provides a platform which is reliable and user-friendly which is designed to meet the demanding need of message infrastructure. It is a great marketing tool which has transformed the way of doing business. It is the most feasible and essential strategy to target mass audience in one single click.