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Transactional SMS is used to send OTP’S and other important informational messages regarding any products and services to support the customers. They are basically non-marketing automated text messages that the companies send to support their customers. Transactional SMS in India can have the utmost 6 character sender ID. Transactional bulk SMS allows you to send a large number of messages in just a few seconds. The most exclusive feature of transactional SMS is that it is used for delivering non- marketing automated messages that are used by various companies, banks, etc. This strategy has provided huge profits to a large number of companies and organizations.
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They provide security as only authenticated accounts can use it to deliver messages. This is the reason why most of the banks choose transactional SMS gateway for sending important details.

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Multilingual SMS

They can be used to send SMS alerts as a result of which the user gets notified about every single alert and notification on time. The transactional SMS can be delivered in different languages i.e it supports multilingual SMS.

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No Time Restrictions

They are delivered to all the recipients irrespective of their DND (Do not Disturb) status. This exclusive feature of transactional SMS gives it an edge over other modes of SMS. As the important details can be delivered at any time. They are delivered 24*7 with no time restriction..

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Rapid Delivery

They have a rapid reach, They can be sent from one source to the other at a very fast pace. There is no time lag, they are delivered to the customers without any sort of delay. This is especially useful when urgent immediate information needs to be sent to the customers.

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1) They are widely used by the banks to send OTP’s. This also includes when a bank sends SMS to its customers about recent transactions or account balances.They are often used by the railways to send PNR status to the people.

2) E-commerce websites can use this service to send notifications to their customers. They are widely used by big companies to send information about the product and services.Now transactional SMS gateway is being used worldwide to integrate messaging service quickly.They are used by the Educational Institutes to send messages to students and parents.

3) They are often used by the Real estate to send text alerts for registration details, project development etc. Apart from this they are also used by the Automobile industry to enhance customer experience by keeping them informed about scheduled services