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Sender ID is a set of characters that represents the identity of a sender. A Sender ID can have numbers,alphabets, or can even be alphanumeric. It is used to identify who is sending the message to the recipient. A Sender ID can be in the form of short codes or long codes. .The length of a Sender ID varies from country to country. Like in India the Sender ID would be of 6 characters while that in UAE and Saudi Arabia it could be upto 11 characters. The Sender ID also varies in the case of promotional and transactional SMS. A transactional SMS in UAE can have 11 character Sender ID whereas promotional SMS can have a 6 character Sender ID.

Sender ID, Use Your Business Name As Sender ID


It gives a unique identity to all the users, thus you can identify a user by just looking at its user id. Especially when you are targeting a large number of customers especially sending Bulk SMS withthe sender then it plays a very significant role in providing you a unique identification.

You can identify the country from which the message is being delivered since the sender id is country specific so you can identify the country of the user.

It is a feature that gives a brand name to your SMS and in this manner, you can increase your business by attracting a lot of potential customers or clients.

It provides customers with a high level of trust and security.


Since SMS Sender ID is great for reinforcing your brand’s name in the customer’s mind. This is an effective way of doing marketing also.

SMS Sender ID will give the message a more premium and professional look.

You can even user id to identify the nature of SMS that whether it is promotional or a transactional SMS.

Send Messages With Sender ID, Free Sender ID Registration


Sender ID is a prerequisite for any user to send SMS from any part of the world from any business or anyorganization. It is used for numerous purposes for giving identification, branding, or name.