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Promotional SMS are sent to the customers for promotions, marketing, or sales purpose regarding any
product or service. Promotional SMS can have up to 6 character sender ID. These messages
can also be used for sending the order, booking alerts and informational
messages to the registered customers. They are delivered only
to non-DND numbers.

They are an ultimate SMS gateway that allows you to
acknowledge the customers about various offers
and discounts. Promotional Bulk SMS is the best and
affordable solution to reach your customers. This kind
of SMS can help numerous companies in Bulk SMS


1) We provide you with the Best Promotional SMS which is used to promote or sell goods and services. It is a cost-effective solution and serves to be a significant choice of advertisement and marketing to promote business.

2) Bulk SMS marketing is the new weapon as it saves a lot of time you can send relevant information to a large number of customers in just a few clicks.

3) Sending promotional SMS helps you to engage with a large number of potential and loyal clients. Promotional SMS plays a very significant role in promoting the products or services to a bulk amount ofpopulation and in this way it gives an opportunity to increase the bars of your business.

4) SMS marketing has proved to be the most cost-effective ways and this is the reason why it is used by large n number of companies and organizations.


Promotional SMS is widely used by big companies and organizations to promote their products and services. Bulk SMS marketing will boost your sales as well. As we know that the open rates of the SMS is around 98 percent thus it gives you speed and flexibility.

1. As you know that in order to stay in the market you need to adapt to the day-to-day updation of the modern business world and flexibility is the key to these constant adaptations. As we are aware of the dynamic business world around us where new technological advances are being introduced every day thus it becomes important as tech-savvy individuals stay updated.

2. The most important aspect of sending SMS is that it can be seen by your customers even without any internet connection. This keeps the cost of communication down. Thus SMS can actually give you high ROI(Return on Investment).