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SMS Excel plug-in allows you to send SMS directly from an excel sheet to your customers regarding any product or service for a variety of purposes. You can send bulk SMS in a very fast manner via excel plugin for sending any kind of SMS. From simple promotional SMS to customized payment reminders you can use it for a variety of purposes. It is a very convenient method of sending SMS to thousands of customers in a very organized manner. It acts as a common platform where you have details and contact numbers of the customers and all you have to do is just draft a new SMS and forward it to the customers. It acts as a common platform where Excel plugin provides you the operational convenience in staying connected with your customers. So now we will understand how you can actually get connected to your customers via Excel Sheet. On the installation of Excel plug-in for sending SMS through Excel, A new toolbar will be added to the Excel plug-in application form where you can send SMS in a bulk amount about any product or service.IT can be used for multiple purposes like marketing, promotions, sales etc.
Excel Plugin, send messages using excel plugin


It acts a common platform to perform multiple functions at the same time, like in one column of your excel sheet you will have the mobile numbers, in another recipient name and in next the details that you would like to include in the message and then forward it to your customers in just one click It is an easy, cost-effective and fast mode of sending SMS.You can also get delivery reports to check the status of your SMS through Excel. Using SMS plug-in service is one of the most effective and convenient methods of experimenting with marketing strategies and offers regarding any product or service that you would like to deliver to your customers. It will help us to improve the business by promoting SMS It provides you a user-friendly interface along with a unique sender ID , our SMS plug-in is fast , personalized and scalable communication tool whose effectiveness can be tracked and measured. Excel Plugin allows you to deliver SMS fast and promptly at anytime and anywhere to different telecommunication operator network using the same charge with any barrier of location.
Excel Plugin To Send Messages, send messages using SMS Studio