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There are a lot of engagement tools available that help you to track and analyze the status of the SMS, Engage tool is one of them. There is a bulk amount of SMS that is delivered to thousands of customers for any product or service. It gives us a check if the messages are being delivered on the customer's end. This too helps you to find a huge database of your target demographic who will read, click on and share your messages. It is one of the simplest metrics that you will need to track the number of messages that are seen and delivered. When you send SMS in bulk there are so many numbers on which it cannot be delivered such as disconnected number, dead number, etc. Thus Engage tool gives you an instantaneous and dynamic idea about the delivery of messages in a very understandable format. It gives an idea about the traffic also because if the messages are not getting delivered then they will be lined in a queue. Our engage tool is a SMS tracker and URL tracker tool that which allows you to view all the SMS’s sent or received by the target device. Engage tool acts as a real-time messaging analytics that will help you to get detailed insights data and report about your SMS.